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Mr J by fizzelpop12 Mr J :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 4 0 Yogs in space 3 by fizzelpop12 Yogs in space 3 :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 0 0 Yogs in space 2 by fizzelpop12 Yogs in space 2 :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 0 0 Yogs in space 1 by fizzelpop12 Yogs in space 1 :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 0 0 Chartor Sheet by fizzelpop12 Chartor Sheet :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 1 0
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Feathers and Chocolate pudding part 5 :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 1 0
Yogmeme by fizzelpop12 Yogmeme :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 1 0
Feathers and Chocolate pudding part 4
Duncan awoke to the glorious smell of cooking pancakes, melting butter and maple syrup. He lead there for several minutes enjoying the feeling of having welcome company, but before long the hunger pangs became too strong and he got up in search of food.  He had slept in most of his cloths only discharging his lab coat, with he put back on before leavening.  Usually he slept in nothing at all, but he told himself that it was best to remain clothed to avoid a scandal. Therefore nothing to do with the fact that the mere thought of being naked and close to Rythian made his stomach flip.
Duncan entered a very different kitchen to the one he had left the night before. Experiment filed one side of the work top, all of them working, some better than before. The central island counter was set out for breakfast. More shocking  than the almost grotesquely large pile of maple syrup covered pancakes, was how civilised the table was set out. Two places were set, complete with three se
:iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 4 0
Rythna in colour by fizzelpop12
Mature content
Rythna in colour :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 4 0
Jessepuss by fizzelpop12 Jessepuss :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 1 0
Rythian in Rapture 4
Chapter 4 Tea
Zoeya snuggles down deeper in to the soft spongy recesses of where she slept; drifting in and out of the most restful sleep she had, since moving to Rapture. She berried her faces deeper in to the velvety leather of the sofa she now found herself, soaking up the reassuring smell of tanned lather and old cigarette smoke. Instead of the horrifying nightmare of shadowy figure out to get her or torrents of water engulfing her and rapture, she dreamt of home. She dreamed of her grandmother’s cottage, in the summer with all the roses in bloom and it’s white picket fence, she felt warm and safe.
Sometime later, when she could peel her eyes open and the world slid into focuses. She had the opportunity to see whose sofa had been so obliging to let her dribble all over it.
Rythian sat in an armchair across the room supposedly lazily reading a book, thought his eyes darted between her, the door and his book, in a Zephosian fashion. His eyes never resting
:iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 3 6
Sijn by fizzelpop12 Sijn :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 4 0
Feathers and Chocolate pudding part 3
Morning came too soon, shining radiantly thought the uncovered window. Duncan made a mental note never to sleep in a chair again; he clicked his neck, before stretching as he stood up. He found himself hopping that yesterday hadn’t happened. Looking after Rythian was stressful, the guy was prone to vendetta, one wrong move and you’ll end up in an obsidian tomb, and therefor absolutely nothing to do with uncontrollable bouts of blushing. His first errand of the day was to check over his patient, who was sleeping peacefully, and then he reluctantly tidied up the mess of bandages and medical equipment he left around the room in his rush to stabiles his Patient the night before. Finally he starting on what he had planned for the day former, with one notable exception, not ones did he leave the castle.
Rythian didn’t wake until noon, groggy, hungry and very confuse. He would love to say ever thing felt wrong, but he felt better than he had in days; a good night sleep in so
:iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 2 9
Feathers and Chocolate pudding part 2
‘Ding dong’ the doorbell echoed around the tall marble monolith that was Duncan’s castle, pulling Duncan from his less than restful Wednesday morning slumber. Duncan reluctantly crawled out of bed and headed to the battlements above the gate way, to glare at the fool that dare to wake him.
“Good Moring Duncan” Rythian laid on the charm, but Duncan was having none of it. Even squinting through the bright morning light; Duncan could easily see that Rythian was in a great deal of pain, he was hobbling on a badly splinted leg. Rythian looked far worse than he did when he left the Jaffa factory, his clothes torn and smattered in purple blood. Rythian’s innocent smile was not fooling Duncan.
“Things haven’t been working out on my own; I was hoping to come in for a bit.” Rythian smile failed to hide the fear in his eye. They looked at each other for a few minutes, whilst Duncan tried to work out what Rythian was saying, panic slowly rising
:iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 5 4
nanoMadia: another successfull live stream by fizzelpop12
Mature content
nanoMadia: another successfull live stream :iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 5 0
Catlock Chapter 2
Chapter 2- Catness I was jolted awake by the dustman emptying the bins outside. I was sprawled out on the sofa, the TV appeared to be trying to sell me craft supplies, the light that creeping around the curtains screamed of some unearthly time in the morning. Some were between one program ending and the next one beginning, I had fallen asleep. I felt no one next to me on the sofa, so I originally decided that Sherlock had gone to bed, but then again there was still the weight in my lap, soft breathing against my chest, and velvety fur against my skin. My next thought was that Sherlock had succeeded in get me a cat. But only when I managed to lift my head and looked in my lap did I see Sabih, not a copy or a similar looking cat, no my cat, the one I lost in Helman 3 years ago. I was in shock staring at this cat, not being one for screaming or outwardly showing my surprise I sat silently dumfounded. Until it spoke.      
“I’d like tea john” Sherl
:iconfizzelpop12:fizzelpop12 2 0


kakairu doujinshis+fanfics+videos
Naruto dj - Kou Koe
Iruka develops a strange malady. Will Kakashi be able to find a cure?
Naruto dj - Dou Suru
Iruka has confessed his love to Kakashi, but is frustrated by the mixed signals Kakashi has given him in return. Iruka is about at the end of his rope. What now?
Naruto dj- Psychedelic Aftereffects
video:KakaIru doujinshi Even If These Eyes Can't Se
:iconlloveboyslove:lloveboyslove 5 0
The aDORKable Adventures [1] by cartoonjunkie The aDORKable Adventures [1] :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 3,076 863 The aDORKable Adventures [4] by cartoonjunkie The aDORKable Adventures [4] :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,604 334 Septiplier gif2 by LoverRevolveri Septiplier gif2 :iconloverrevolveri:LoverRevolveri 543 139 Septiplier - AfterShower by cartoonjunkie Septiplier - AfterShower :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 3,803 1,523 Handmade Skyrim inspired fireplace by SheenaStargazer Handmade Skyrim inspired fireplace :iconsheenastargazer:SheenaStargazer 15 2 The Apprentice by studioofmm The Apprentice :iconstudioofmm:studioofmm 197 17 Gumlee Valentines! by Hootsweets Gumlee Valentines! :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 2,792 64 Chibi Cthulhu D20 Dice Christmas Ornaments by Euphyley Chibi Cthulhu D20 Dice Christmas Ornaments :iconeuphyley:Euphyley 9 1 APH UK x CN by SERAPHLEI APH UK x CN :iconseraphlei:SERAPHLEI 1,351 121 Kirk/Spock by Shihy Kirk/Spock :iconshihy:Shihy 31 0
My Pet Peeve 02
Summary: It should have just been a regular morning for Chris Redfield. He should have been just heading out for his usual every day job. So why did he wake up to find a certain puppy eared male in his bed?
Pairing: Nivanfield
Author's note: I think it's gonna take me a bit to get into the swing of this story.
My Pet Peeve 02
What woke Chris up wasn't any kind of threat. He was jolted out of the fear of falling out of the chair. Grumbling, he rubbed at his sore neck trying to remember why he was in the guest room of his house. When he looked up at the bed, he remembered it instantly. Right, Piers the puppy boy. Granted the kid was still lying down, hazel eyes were intensely staring at him. It made Chris swallow slightly and glance away. Ok, so he wasn't going to lie and say Piers wasn't attractive. All Semi tended to be. It was why a lot of the Semi would get kidnapped and sold as slaves. That was the suspicion Chris had about Piers anyway.
He r
:iconverlerious:Verlerious 6 4
Comm. - Even Heroes have Heroes by xTh13teeNx Comm. - Even Heroes have Heroes :iconxth13teenx:xTh13teeNx 197 52 Pony Creator Full Version by generalzoi Pony Creator Full Version :icongeneralzoi:generalzoi 83,424 5,822 ST TNG bib by Vangi ST TNG bib :iconvangi:Vangi 2 0 Commissions Open!!! by r0ra Commissions Open!!! :iconr0ra:r0ra 79 21


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hi, how are you?
i never know what to write and i dont want to sound big headed
so i'll let you desided what you think of me
and yes i can't spell so sorry



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Mr J
Hi guys look what I've been making for what feels like forever. I've been so desperate to show people but it was a surprise present for a friend. I got the idear from aphid777 please check out there much cuter kicked :)




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